8 Incredible Bookstagram Accounts


Not gonna lie—I spend far too much time looking at bookish things on Instagram (or Bookstagram, if you’d rather). Here are eight of my personal favorites …


Bookstagram - Hot Dudes Reading

There’s just about nothing sexier than a man who reads. In fact, I knew straight away that my last relationship was doomed because the guy had zero interest in books; whereas my current relationship is twenty years strong and began with him coincidentally reading a book by one of my favorite authors (The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice). Needless to say, I deeply appreciate the Hot Dudes Reading Instagram account!


Bookstagram - Pie Lady Books

Another bookish account that’s total eye candy is Steph Hockersmith’s Pie Lady Books. Steph creates the most mind-bendingly gorgeous pies that pay homage to equally beautiful book covers. Her talent is unreal!


Bookstagram - Crime by the Book

Crime by the Book is all about—you guessed it—crime fiction. Abby does the heavy lifting for readers by offering recommendations and reviews of crime books in a variety of genres. It is her belief that regardless of your literary preference, there’s a crime book right up your alley.


Bookstagram - Book Book Owl

Jen from Book Book Owl understands that collecting books is a bit different than simply reading them. Her account is filled to the brim with aesthetically pleasing shelfies that tend to be sorted by color, and her various collections are insanely aspirational.


Bookstagram - Jack Edwards

Jack Edwards went from being a prolific StudyTuber to the internet’s “resident librarian”. He’s tremendously endearing and gives the best book reviews! I actually have a tag dedicated to his recommendations in my Libby app because they’re just that good.


Bookstagram - Alexandra Roselyn

Alexandra Roselyn is another booktastic person whom I found on YouTube and followed over on Instagram. She has an enviable home library complete with a library ladder and is the person to go to when you want a great spooky season recommendation.


Bookstagram - Once Upon a Book Club Box

I can’t recommend Once Upon a Book Club Box enough! I met the owner, Michelle, at Phoenix Comicon several years ago and bought one of her book club boxes, as well as a unique bookish phone case (which you can currently find in her Etsy shop, Chick Lit Designs). The boxes include a book along with wrapped gifts that coordinate with the story. The gifts are assigned to specific page numbers so you can open them as you move through the story. It’s genius!


Bookstagram - That’s My Bookshelf

You know those beautiful Penguin Classics book covers? Well, That’s My Bookshelf took things a step further by making their own “Clothbound”-style covers to turn non-classics into aesthetically pleasing versions. It’s so swoon-worthy that it kind of takes my breath away.

Do you have any book accounts that you just can’t get enough of on Instagram? If so, please share in the comments and we’ll go take a look!

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