I Smell Snow

I smell snow

I Smell Snow — Mountain Life

It looks like we’re about to get snowed in for a couple of weeks. Such are the joys/perils of living atop a mountain.

I learned the hard way earlier this year that powerlines do come down and flashlight batteries also die, that snowplows have a knack for refilling a freshly shoveled driveway and Instacart shoppers DO NOT like delivering groceries in the snow.

How to Prepare for a Snowstorm

Today was spent putting new batteries in all of the flashlights and faux candles, as well as stocking up on groceries and organizing the pantry.

Knowing that the power could go out at any moment and for any duration (last time was almost four days!), there was a strong focus on prepping things that will require electricity: massive laundry so all of the blankets are fresh and clean, brewing an extra pot of coffee to keep in the refrigerator so it can be reheated on the stovetop, charging everything from phones to Kindles, etc.

We also batch-cooked a bunch of meals to be divided between the freezer and refrigerator (potato cheese soup, chili, beef stroganoff, and artichoke chicken), made grab-and-go breakfasts (blueberry muffins and banana bread), and we made sure the cats were well-stocked with their food and litter.

Now all that’s left to do is embrace hygge life!

I’ve been outlining an idea for a novel. Who knows if it will actually take root and go somewhere intriguing?! I have a notebook and sticky notes at the ready for when inspiration strikes! If we lose power, I’ll have plenty of downtime to work on the book.

My Kindle also has a slew of books waiting for me. I’ve been craving an Eva Pohler book, specifically the next installment of the Mystery House series.

And if I find that I’m absolutely stir-crazy (and if my POTS isn’t acting up) then I may take a little stroll down to the gazebo at the nearby park.

We tend to keep ourselves severely busy with all the ways we can entertain ourselves in this modern world, don’t we? Sometimes it’s nice to be forced to step back and simplify.

Here’s to a cozy week!

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