Welcome (perhaps not for the first time) to Haute Whimsy!

This website was conceptualized in 2008 while I was in a period of transition – shifting from working for others to working for myself.

It felt like an awakening of sorts and I adopted an attitude of “I do what I want”! And what I wanted to do was write, and create art, and amplify the beauty I saw in the world while indulging in small pleasures that romanticized life.

Essentially, I wanted to create a life of whimsy and share it with like-minded people.

Haute Whimsy went into hibernation shortly after I created a handmade business that took off like wildfire and needed 100% of my attention. As much as I loved my small business, I longed for this little corner of the internet where I could celebrate the little things that make life feel so special.

Now here we are in 2023, and I’m in another period of transition – learning to live with a newly-diagnosed chronic illness and in need of small pleasures more than ever.

Haute Whimsy is starting anew. It’s older, wiser, perhaps a little more sophisticated, but in essence the same creature it was all those years ago. I hope that you will join me here in honoring joy and living life in a way that feels like a celebration of the soul!

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